Urban Lux Magazine Interview

April 21, 2015, mic larry


When someone says they’ve mixed genre styles of music, what are you expecting to hear? Hopefully something you can relax, relate, and two-step to right? Rock, POP, & R&B are all of the genres that Mic Larry has blended together to create his own unique style.

Mic Larry grew up in Oklahoma and following the lead of his older siblings; they eventually became a “Jackson 5” of gospel in their church. Oklahoma is where it all began. It’s where he discovered his gift for music and the motivation to pursue it. Since moving to Atlanta to share his music, he’s had nothing but positive responses and success.

“Gotta Believe” is Mic’s #1 song circulating the airways.

Listening to Mic’s music will take you on an emotional rollercoaster as he sings with immense passion and experience. Just from hearing his voice he wants his listeners to know that all of his music is 100% authentic and relatable