Atlanta Examiner Interview

May 5, 2014, mic larry

Working in corporate America can be a good thing and it can work for some people. For a certain computer science major however, it just wasn’t the right fit for him, so he has to follow his heart and pursue something different. As a result, his music minor is the catalyst of his major move, and as a result, he is making a growing and steady impact on music, especially in the pop and r and b genre, with a little hint of rock and EDM.

MicLarry, the Atlanta based, Los Angeles born and Oklahoma-raised artist, is no stranger to music. Growing up in a musically inclined family where his mother is a noted gospel singer and his father is a pastor of one of the larger churches in the aforementioned state, he recalls many a time where he and his siblings are able to come “up front” and come together in a song or two. Once he graduates high school, he is able to attend college, but initially, it is not his love and exposure to music that lands him there.

“After playing high school sports, I earned an athletic scholarship (to attend college in Texas)”, he recalls. “Once my playing days concluded, I graduated and earned my degree (majoring in computer science and minoring in music). However, at my first job, I just felt smothered and corporate America just was not for me. I had to find a place where I truly fit”.

And that’s when his deep rooted love and music background called him.

After taking time to pray, reflect, and research, he makes his move to Atlanta. His first foray is in r and b; he is able to make some headway (via live performances), but he realizes he has to make an adjustment.

“Two of the artists that provided an influence for me are Prince and Lenny Kravitz, especially with their rock influences”, he notes. Once he incorporates more of these music elements in his work, he is able to hone his sound. As a result, he is able to work on different projects with multiple artists and expand his reach across multiple genres.

MicLarry’s resume includes opening for artists such as Darius Rucker, Kiss, Skid Row, and recording with Blue Miller(whose influence on Grammy-award winning artist India Arie is strongly evident on her debut album). Subsequent performances at Summer Fest (2013) and the Consulate of Mexico further solidifies his standing as an artist on the rise.

With projects including another performance at this year’s Summer Fest (in the Highlands), along with pending work with others in the industry, he continues to make his mark on music. The release of his 3 song EP provides a snapshot of the work to come, including the featured the lead single, “Gotta Believe”.

Sometimes, one has to return to their roots in order to realize who they are and the direction in which they need to travel. Just as he did as a youngster, he is finding his niche today in doing something fulfilling and impacting.

For now, it’s time for him to get on task and rock the mic(Larry).