Mic (pronounced Mike) Larry is an on the rise musician residing in Atlanta, GA. Being born into a musically talented family, his passion for music started at a young age in church. His parents were influential in their community in Oklahoma, bringing gospel music into a predominately white church. The integration into a culturally mixed church, with a very ethnically diverse population, placed him in a multicultural environment. In this environment he was exposed to many different genres of music, such as rock, hip hop, gospel, R&B etc., which all influence his sound today. Furthermore, his mother, who is his greatest musical influence exposed him to the world of music which eventually impacted the content of his songs. Mic started off playing piano and drums which taught him the importance of counting beats. Mic Larry furthered his education of music by minoring in music theory in college. While pursuing a career in computer programming, a lifestyle he considered suffocating, this ignited his true calling for music as he discovered that he was proficient in mixing computer-generated beats.

“None of these experiences would have added up to a career, however, without the interference of fate, or destiny as Mic describes it.”


Upon moving from Houston, TX to Atlanta, GA to pursue his dream as recording artist, he placed an ad for a guitarist and was introduced to Merrick Woodard. From that moment, his songs began to evolve and his knowledge of rock music expanded upon meeting bands like Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kiss.  After forming the band, Chainletter, and starting with covers, he began his career as a live performer. The band’s first gig was at Fuzzy’s, a mecca for musicians, the performance went off without a hitch landing them a spot at the venue every Sunday. He then went on to play at Turner Field, James Brown Arena among many others. Mic Larry puts all his energy into his performances ensuring the voice you hear on the album is the voice you hear live. Pop, soul and EDM are all influences of his own style today.  His talent, drive and following only continue to grow as he solidifies his name in this industry. Mic Larry’s unique sound truly reflects his position as an artist today .

“Music was what I was put on this earth to do, and no matter how hard I try, I cant get away from it.” – Mic Larry